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ACH ESG Index Episode

ACH is proud to announce the launch of the ACH ESG Index.  As you are know, ESG is becoming an important factor for investment managers to picks market and stocks.  Increasing institutional investors are demanding the companies they invest in meet certain ESG criteria.

To help Hong Kong to improve their ESG practices and to provide a benchmark for Hong kong companies to examine their ESG compliance, ACH works with Deepsite, a startup based in Hong Kong, developed the ACH ESG Index.

The Index for Hong Kong covers the period from 2011 to 2021.  We hope the Index will drive Hong Kong to improve the ESG standard.   We will extend the Index to cover other markets such as Mainland, Singapore and US so that international investors can benchmark different markets"

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Adventures of Dr Amanda, Dr Kate and Dr Kyle and their friends in Metaverse
Explore how Metaverse can drive disruption of existing business and how multiple platforms can be integrated for value creation. 
Possible applications include
Virtual office; Product or service launch; Events; Training and education; Virtual travel; Gaming; Immersive social engagements; Your second life home
What are the opportunities and challenges?  We love to share our Metaverse experience with you.
​Adventures of Dr Amanda, Dr Kate and Dr Wong in Metaverse! 
Explore how Metaverse can drive disruption of existing technologies and integrate multiple platforms for value creation. What are the possible applications? Virtual office? Product or service launch? Event booths? Training and education? Virtual travel? Gaming? Immersive social engagements? Your second life home? What are the opportunities and challenges? 

Seven Habits of Effective Metaverse Meeting! 

Habit One: Prepare your VR glasses
Habit Two: Put down your controllers when u want to capture the motion of your hands 
Habit Three: Keep a body distance with other Avatars. If not, you will disappear 
Habit Four: Check your WIFI and make sure that is stable. If not, you may become a zombie 
Habit Five: Stick with your chair. If not, you will find that you loss your second half body. 
Habit Six: Be claim, don’t be angry. It is useless to be angry as there is no “angry face” can be shown! 
Habit Seven: Always keep charging your VR glasses! If not, your avatar will die!