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ACH ESG Index: To help Hong Kong  companies to improve their ESG practices, ACH works with Deepsite to introduce the ACH-Deepsite ESG index to help Hong Kong companies to benchmark their practices with global peers.  The Index will help Asian companies to catch up with the global ESG standard and  best practices.

DEEPSITE offers an end-to-end AI document processing automation solution (RPA) that capture data from any documents instantly, like supply chain documents or financial reports.  Their technology is applied to company disclosures and news to extract important information about companies’ ESG practices.  New criteria will be added as the field of ESG reporting evolves.

ACH assists companies in their ESG journey. We believe that each company has its own unique ESG risks, challenges, and opportunities. We help companies to identify relevant ESG strategy, reporting and calculates the existing ESG scores that will help companies to thrive in the present, and in the future.

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​We identify independent ESG risk and materiality evaluation based on information provided by the company, leverage power of automation, consolidate ESG data and reporting in one place using AI-driven insights, customised reporting platform for ESG disclosures and reporting


ACH ESG ISO Services

Environment (E), Social (S), and Governance (G), is gaining importance and especially after the COP26. Every country has its own carbon net-zero mission with targeted timelines. This has led to increased policies from Governments and Stock Exchanges on ESG requirements. We continue to see increased scrutiny of company performance and disclosures on ESG issues. Investors and fund managers are increasingly taking ESG factors into their investment criteria.

Reality is, however, there is still lack of standardised approach to ESG management and disclosures. A lot of companies still do not have an identified ESG strategy and calculation of ESG scores.

Our ESG S-O-L-A-R Services

​​​S =​ Sustainability & ESG Solutions

​​​O = Operation for Governance improvements

      (STAR CFO, ISO, RPA)

​L = ​Learning (ESG Workshop)

​​A = ESG Advisory services, ESG Reporting & ESG Auditing

​​​R = fund-Raising


ACH ESG Calculator: A company level calculator which calculates a company’s ESG scores based on different E, S, G criteria, to assist companies to get a score that can be used for yearly comparison and reporting purposes.

ACH ESG Assessments and Reporting

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ISO 26000 is an International Standard giving guidance about how any organisation can improve its Social Responsibility and thus contribute to sustainable environmental, social and economic development.

Implementation of ISO 26000 helps the organisation guide how to behave socially responsibly, whose aim is to contribute to society's health and wellbeing of society, regardless of their size or industry. We provide ESG ISO services related in form of advisory, training and certification support for meeting the market needs of ISO 26000. Using ISO 26000, organisations should consider societal, environmental, legal, cultural, political, and organisational diversity and differences in economic conditions while being consistent with international norms of behaviour.