S-O-L-A-R™ = fundRaising

With experience supporting startups across various industries through multiple rounds of funding, we provide fundRaising-related services ranging from CONTENT MARKETING, DEAL FLOW, to FUND SOURCING - all to support you towards achieving ultimate success.


​- Fundraising Valuation

- Roadshow Promotions

​- Deal Flow Management

- Government Funding Application

​- Private Fund Sourcing (Angel, PE, VC)

- SPAC Support

S-O-L-A-R™ = Operations (STARS CFO, ISO, RPA Services)

S-O-L-A-R™ = A​dvisory

Facilitating KNOWLEDGE SHARING and LEARNING through workshops hosted only by world-class professionals.

Available Workshops:

​- Business Strategy

- Financial Analysis

​- ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

- Metaverse

​- Digital Transformation & Valuation

Metaverse S-O-L-A-R™ Services

​​​​​Powering Up your

​          SUCCESS by S-O-L-A-R™ services

S-O-L-A-R™ =Starting, Structuring, andSustaining

STARTING - Setting up a new company and business divisions (powered by Normsun​).

STRUCTURING – Company restructuring for business growth and financial performance improvements (powered by Normsun).

​SUSTAINING – Supporting your sustainable goals and strategy through our services and partner solutions.

OUR S-O-L-A-R™ Services

Riding on our talent pool comprising of PhD, CFA, and CPA-accreditation holders, we provide CORPORATE ADVISORY for business to reach new horizons of success through leveraging core strengths and market opportunities.


​- Market Analysis

- Business & Financial Planning

​- Due Diligence

- Valuation

​- ESG

- Digital Transformation

​- Metaverse Strategy

- Tokenomics

ESG S-O-L-A-R™ Services

​​​ACH Worldwide Limited

S-O-L-A-R™ =Learning