The S-O-L-A-R Corporate advisory services offer comprehensive support for businesses at various stages of their lifecycle. By leveraging these services, businesses can start, operate, learn, seek strategic advice, and secure funding, thereby creating value and maximizing their chances of long-term success.

Let's break down the services based on the S-O-L-A-R acronym:


The Business starter service provides support for new company setup, restructuring for growth, and sustainable business practices. It aims to provide a comprehensive solution that enables companies to establish a strong foundation, optimize operations, and align with sustainable goals and strategies.

The STARS COO & CFO Operation Support service leverages SAAS technology, real-time information, accurate data, realistic forecasting, and smart decision-making capabilities to provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing operational and financial processes. It empowers COOs and CFOs with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions and drive the success of their organizations.

Metaverse S-O-L-A-R™ Services

ESG S-O-L-A-R™ Services


These learning services add value to corporates by equipping them with updated knowledge and skills in critical areas. They empower corporates to embrace emerging technologies, develop effective business and marketing strategies, and make sound financial decisions. By leveraging these workshops, corporates can enhance their competitiveness, drive innovation, and achieve sustainable growth in an ever-evolving business landscape.

S-O-L-A-R™ Corporate Advisory Serices

R-A-P-P-E-R™ Corporate Advisory Serices


R-A-P-P-E-R as part of our S-O-L-A-R corporate advisory services aims to support companies to achieve business success through defining uniqueness, improving valuation, building collaborations and attracting strategic investment.

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Review

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Analyze

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Propose

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Plan

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Execute

R​-A-P-P-E-R™ = Refine

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​          SUCCESS by S-O-L-A-R™ services

Company Formation


Riding on our talent pool comprising of PhD, CFA, and CPA-accreditation holders, we provide CORPORATE ADVISORY for business to reach new horizons of success through leveraging core strengths and market opportunities.

These advisory services provide businesses with valuable insights, strategies, and support in critical areas such as market research, business planning, intellectual property, differentiation, branding, sales, ecosystem development, valuation, and due diligence. They help businesses make informed decisions, enhance competitiveness, and achieve their strategic objectives.

​​​ACH Worldwide Limited


With experience of supporting startups across various industries through multiple rounds of funding, we provide fundRaising-related services ranging from CONTENT MARKETING, FUND SOURCING and DEAL FLOW support - all to support you towards achieving ultimate success.