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CIES」- New Capital Investment Entrant Scheme


With R-A-P-P-E-R consulting service, we will customise your investment immigration solution with the full process of "R=Review , A=Analysis , P=Proposal & Submission , P=Planning , E=Execution , R=Review & Audit" !


Comprehensive Review, Helping your CIES "Application" Take Off Smoothly

  • Identity Verification: Verifying nationality or foreign permanent residency, checking for adverse records, and authenticating identity documents.

  • Asset Review: Conducting audits and financial consulting to ensure the investment amount meets the HKD 30 million standard.

  • Family Assistance: Assisting in the preparation of necessary information for dependents, including spouse and unmarried children under 18 who are financially dependent.

  • Livelihood Planning: Providing guidance on employment opportunities and livelihood planning to help establish a stable source of livelihood in Hong Kong.







In-depth Analysis, Ensuring Smooth Progress of "Plans"

  • Asset Review: Offering comprehensive asset audits to help develop informed investment plans and strategies.​

  • Education Consulting: Providing advice to assist clients in selecting suitable educational resources for their children.

  • Career Development: Supplying business consulting and market research to support clients in exploring career opportunities in Hong Kong.

  • Housing Assistance: Helping identify housing options that align with clients' expectations and guiding them through the property purchase process in Hong Kong.

  • Citizenship Support: Offering assistance with citizenship and foreign permanent residency applications to help clients consider their future options.







Accurate Proposal & Submission: Facilitating Flawless Plans

  • Prepare Net Asset Review Report: Compiling an accurate and complete net asset review report in line with the requirements of the Hong Kong Immigration Department, aimed at enhancing the client's application prospects.

  • Assist Investment Immigration Application: Helping clients present their asset status, investment plans, and immigration intentions professionally to boost their application's credibility.

  • Design Children's Future Education: Offering customised educational planning services that coordinate suitable educational resources based on the child's stage and interests.

  • Assist Career Development Planning: Collaborating to develop a career strategy in Hong Kong that aligns with the client's professional background, skills, and preferences.


Meticulous Execution, Tailoring Optimal Configuration Plans

  • Venture Capital Funds: Provide information on setting up venture capital funds inHong Kong.

  • Real Estate: Share information on residential and non-residential real estate (up to HKD 10 million).

  • Deposit & Bond: Provide assistance in opening bank accounts for deposits (up to HKD 3 million).

  • Collective Investments: Share information on investment funds and ETFs.

  • Stock & Security: Share diversified stock portfolio information.

Real Estate

Collective Investments

Deposit & 


Stock & Security

VC Funds


Thorough Review & Audit, Ensuring Successful Implementation of "Plans"

  • Application Follow-up: Closely follow up on the application progress and maintain communication and coordination with relevant departments.

  • Investment Auditing: Conduct a review based on investment compliance, the feasibility of investment plans, and the clarity of fund flows.

  • On-the-ground Development: Provide customised implementation and development strategy planning to achieve business development goals in Hong Kong.

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